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Parish Activites

Weekly Worship
Sunday Worship is an important part of the Parish week and where everyone finds a warm welcome. It is a time where we take a break from busy lives and pause to spend time in the company of God and fellow disciples of Christ. During our services we use the book of Common Prayer, the Church Hymnal and other resources. At these services we are all age focussed and love to welcome all.
Bible Study Online
We love gathering around the Bible for deeper conversation and to grow in God’s word. Sadly though, as groups we cannot physically gather together at the moment due to Covid restrictions, so we will turn to a virtual weekly on Tuesdays at 8.30pm on Zoom.
Let Rev Simon know if you would like to join in, and he will send you a link.  
Church Street Youth
Church Street Youth provides activities for the youth of the Longford Group of Parishes. It is open to young people of Secondary School age plus. It is a safe place for like-minded youth to meet up for Social interaction. The group usually meets once or twice a month during the school year from September to June in Church Street Hall, Longford. Activities include indoor and outdoor events and outings and nights away. We have fun Games Nights, Church Services, Cinema visits, Charitable events and highlight events such as the annual Toy Service for Temple Street Children's Hospital and our Spooktacular Halloween outing to Farmaphobia!

So if you are of Secondary school age or over we would love to have you join us....Registration takes place each September by way of a Parental Consent Form. There is no cost for joining but members are encouraged to cover the cost of refreshments on evenings in. All other events are paid for by the participants in full or funded in whole or part by the Parish. All Leaders are Garda Vetted and have had the relevant Safe Guarding Trust Training. For further details please feel free to contact Jenny McCormack or Diane Stewart.
Girls Friendly Society
GFS is active in 80 branches throughout Ireland and plays an integrated part in the life of the Church and community, offering members education through fun, while helping them to live a Christian life.  GFS exists to support the work and development of the local parish.  With regular meetings, social events, festivals and youth camps it has the capacity to be a dynamic force in the Parish.
In the Longford Group, GFS is a busy group that always welcomes new members, and provides an enjoyable place to live out our Christian Faith.  
Society’s Motto: “Bearing each other’s burdens” from Galatians 6; verse 2.
Members are continuing to find creative ways to meet during these uncertain times.
Please get in contact if you wish to take part.
Boys Brigade
Boys Brigade is committed to seeing lives enriched by supporting children and young people to reach their full potential by providing opportunities to meet together and engage in a range of fun and developmental activities and experiences.
The Object of The Boys’ Brigade is:
“The advancement of Christ’s kingdom among Young People and the promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-respect and all that tends towards a true Christian character.”
The Boys’ Brigade Motto is: ‘Sure & Steadfast’. The motto is taken from the Bible, the book of Hebrews, Chapter 6, Verse 19.
In the Longford Group there has been a strong tradition of Boys Brigade, providing a place of fellowship and fun.
We continue to find creative ways to gather during these times.
If you wish to participate in Boys Brigade, please contact us.
Mother's Union
Vision: Our vision is of a world where God's love is shown through loving, respectful, and flourishing relationships.
Mission: To demonstrate the Christian faith in action by the transformation of communities worldwide through the nurture of the family in its many forms.

Our members are not all mothers, or even all women, but are single, married, parents, grandparents or young adults who are just beginning to express their social conscience. For all 4.1 million members in 83 countries what Mothers' Union provides is a network through which they can serve Christ in their own community through prayer, financial support and actively working at grassroots level in programmes that meet local needs.

Mother's Union is continuing to find creative ways to interact through these times.
If you wish to join us in Mother's Union, please get in contact.

Other Gatherings
Sadly, due to Covid-19 these other gatherings are unable to take place right now, but will continue again in the future.

Longford Group Church of Ireland also run:
- Sunday School
- Badminton and Table Tennis Under 18s
- Badminton Over 18s
Minister In Charge: Rev. Simon Scott
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